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Tomorrow Today

Museum of the Future. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2022 — 2025
Curated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado
Exhibition production by Harriet Seabourne
Curatorial research support by Hana Nihill
Copy-editing by Rose Thompson

Exhibition design by Atelier Brückner

Audio-visual design by H5

Participants in the original exhibition: Domestic Data Streamers, Bunny Kinney, Barry Wark, Dark Matter Labs, Liam Young, Alex Goad and Reef Design Lab, Mae-Ling Lokko, Foster + Partners with the European Space Agency, MIT Senseable City Lab, and Assa Studio with Stratasys, Haratech and Profactor, Dubai Precast LLC, Mogu, Carbfix, Notpla, Reevo, Volkswagen, Lilium GmbH, Gravity Industries Ltd, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Toyota, Audi, Festo, Vincross, Aerium Analytics, Parrot, Zipline, DJI, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Noonee, Atoun, Walletmor, Xupermask, Vollebak, VR Electronics, Microsoft, Paro, Xiaomi, Nuki, Samsung, Yunyun, Fitly, TimeChi, UBtech and Poppy.

In partnership with RTA (Roads and Transport Authority), DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) and Dubai Municipality.
The world we live in today is very different from the world of ten years ago. What then can we expect the next decade to bring? Technology has the power to transform and change the way we live. It can respond to many of the environmental, cultural, social and political issues that define our time and overcome challenges to lead our planet towards an optimistic and positive future.

'Tomorrow Today' is one of the opening exhibitions of the new Museum of the Future. It explores how designers, researchers and corporations are responding today to some of these challenges, considering how the answers to these problems will serve to shape the future of society. An exhibition inspired by the question posed by influential architect Cedric Price in 1966, 'Technology is the answer but, what was the question?'. Now, more than 50 years on, this question feels more relevant than ever.
Technology might be part of addressing our future needs but what questions are we asking of technology today? This exhibition explores the contrasting ways technology can shape our future and the wide-ranging responses it can provide to the challenges that the planet and society are facing today and might meet tomorrow. More info here.
Infographic label design created by Rana Rmeily, Atelier Brückner, for the section How will drones change our lives? featuring details about the Zipline medical drone and DJI Agras T30.
The Product is YOU TM

Directed by Bunny Kinney
Produced by Iconoclast
Commissioned by Gonzalo Herrero for Tomorrow Today
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