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Dray Walk Gallery. London, UK
Curated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado and Mathilde Friis

Graphic design by Tom Shepherd-Barron

Participants     Estefanía B. Flores
                        Héloïse Chassepot
                        Dong-Ok Kim
                        Tiffany Wellington

An exhibition organised as part of the MFA in Fine Art - Masters Degrees at Goldsmiths, University of London
What is the zeitgeist of our age? More than any other time in history, we live in a permanent state of flux where the contexts we inhabit evolve at a pace we can barely keep up with. Our experiences are marked by contradictory feelings from the multiple events and realities that shape our daily lives. This exhibition presents works by four artists traversing between the hopeful and the fearful, the physical and the virtual, to reflect on the often polarised experiences, emotions and reactions that come out of these simultaneous realities.

Today's era of digital transience has transformed how these artists reflect the world around them, a world they describe through personal narratives based on intimate visions and memories of their past, present and near future. As the title suggests, these works evoke a shared sense of naive fragility and dark nostalgia for a time that is now gone or maybe the artists have never known. The works in this exhibition embody a sense of anxiety, permanent self-exploration and the notion of coming of age in a post-internet reality - an age that is defined by instability and rapid changes. 
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