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In​visible Landscapes (act I, II, III)
Royal Academy of Arts. London, UK
2018 — 2019
Curated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado
Graphic design by Studio Folder
Participants: MAIO (Act I), Dark Matter Laboratories (Act II), Gilles Retsin, Soft Bodies, ScanLab, Keiichi Matsuda and Rick Farin (Act III)
The world and the ways we interact with it are in a state of constant flux. Digital technologies are radically altering our understanding of the human condition, changing our behaviours and redefining the relationship between people and the world around us. New and emerging technologies offer innovative solutions for living and co-operating in a globalised world, connecting people and places, and making our environments and actions more efficient. However, they also raise issues around privacy, security, sustainability, health and dependency.

From the home to the city and the virtual realm, this three-part series of commissioned installations and films examined the often invisible impact of digital technologies on our lives and everyday environments, to define new ways of being, belonging and living. More info here.
Invisible Landscapes (Act I)
The first act explored the impact of smart technologies, sharing economy platforms and apps on domestic spaces and how these are altering the meaning of home, changing economic and social conditions, redefining contemporary domesticity and questioning how architects operate in this context. They presented the home as not simply an isolated space but part of a wider system where the boundaries between public and private, urban and domestic spheres are blurred.
Invisible Landscapes (Act II)
by Dark Matter Laboratories
A film and installation exploring technological advances can force us to reconsider what it means to be human and thus shape the everyday landscapes around us. It presented a proposal to reclaim the social value of architecture in order to create a more equitable urban environment for all.
Invisible Landscapes (Act III)
by Gilles Retsin, Soft Bodies, ScanLab Projects and Keiichi Matsuda
Today, virtual, augmented and mixed reality are blurring the boundaries between the physical and the virtual, and questioning what is real and what is fictional. From immersive installations to film and virtual-reality experiences, the third act explored how the virtual might transform the physical space and vice versa. All question how we might interact with and look at the world around us, both now and in the near future.
Invisible Landscapes (Act III)
by Rick Farin feat. Gaika
Commissioned by Nowness and Royal Academy of Arts

‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.’

Marcel Proust

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