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Architectones: Xavier Veilhan
Mies van der Rohe pavillon. Barcelona, Spain
Curated by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado

Set design by Alexis Bertrand (Atelier Xavier Veilhan)

Exhibition team led by Violeta Kreimer with Guillaume Rambouillet, Alice Rocher and Léa Wanono assisted by Cléa Ah-ti and Lada Neoberdina


Graphic design by Laurent Pinon

With the collaboration of Nicolas Godin and supported by Galerie Perrotin

The previous chapters of the Architectones project were curated by François Perrin and held at VDL House by Richard Neutra, CSH n°21 by Pierre Koenig and Sheats-Goldstein Residence by John Lautner in Los Angeles, L'Unité d’habitation by Le Corbusier and the Sainte-Bernadette du Banlay Church by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio in France, and the Melnikov House by Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow. 

The installation Architectones by artist Xavier Veilhan reflects on the principles of the modern movement that defined the architecture of the German pavilion designed in 1929 by Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona. It invites visitors to explore a the pavilion from alternative points of view, walking over the decks built over the pools which present the only diagonal of the building. This element subtlety breaks with the rational geometry and how the building was intended to be experienced and represented. A project questioning the pattern of the open plan, the idea of decor and function of modern architecture.  ​
The scale and materiality of the building, which were key features in the design and representative function of the building, were questioned taking the only figurative presence in the pavilion as a starting point. The sculpture “Dawn” by Georg Kolbe, which could be explored in 360 degrees for the first time ever, inspired Veilhan to create four new alternative versions in different sizes and materials. These four contemporary versions reflected on the evolution of the human nude and its representation which should be permanent and yet is permanently changing. The increasing size of the serial sculptures culminated with Kolbe's as a metaphor of the journey of architecture in time and a tribute to the pavilion as the ultimate example of modernity. More info here.
Documentary 'Architectones' (2016) directed by François Combin and produced by Urubu films.
'Architectones' catalogue (2015) 

Published by Editions SPA

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