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Algae ​platform [London]
Royal Academy of Arts. London, UK
Research led by Samuel Iliffe
Organised by Gonzalo Herrero Delicado and Joanna Thomas (RA), Johanna Weggelaar, Henriette Waal and Jan Boelen (Atelier Luma)
Exhibition design by Daniel Bell (Atelier Luma)
Furniture design by III+1
Graphic design by Atelier Luma

Climate change, rising sea levels and pollution represent major threats for the existence of many ecosystems, however, they also create conditions where algae can thrive. The Algae Platform was launched in 2017 at Atelier Luma, the design research programme of Luma Arles, to explore the potential of macro and micro-algae as an alternative biomaterial solution with applications for design and architecture.


Since its foundation, the platform has expanded to different countries across the Mediterranean region and beyond. Each iteration aims to promote local knowledge about algae production as a sustainable alternative building and design material. 


As the first iteration of the Algae Platform in London, the aims of this residency programme organised in partnership with Atelier Luma, were to map the widely unexplored algae resources in the Greater London region and explore the possibilities of this biomaterial for architecture and design. More info here.

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