RESEARCH > Productive Post- Territories !
LOCATION > Fromer salt lakes and shipyards of Cádiz Bay, Cádiz, Spain.

Post-Territories is the result of a one-year investigation for my thesis project in the University of Alicante, Spain. This research is focused in the analysis and regeneration through minimum impact archiotectural and social strategies of an obsolete industrial landscape. The study case is the Cadiz bay in southwestern Spain. A strategy for the economic and social regeneration of a productive territory spoilt by the contemporary conjunctures across the post-production of the industrial existing built heritage coming from the shipyards and former salt lakes. The project generates a debate about the architectural postproduction for volatile context conditions and further more a debate between preservation vs. demolition.


* Diagram of Shrinking Cities according to Cádiz study case, following political, demographic, unemployment and cities growth values


* Analysis of contemporary postproduction strategies in architecture and art field, and current trends on postproduction as a strategy to face economical and social disagreements in built environements

* Territorial and landscape study of the Cádiz Bay about its surrounding towns, salt lakes and shipyards and relation with the Cádiz Bay National Park

* Diagram of political and social history of the Puerto Real shipyard within the collateral international economical changes pursued in its context

* Production chain of a fish farm as a productive economical and environementally friendly  strategy for the territorial regeneration of this area

* Study of built heritage of the Puerto Real Shipyard susceptible of being transformed and postproduced for fish farming required facilities